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I had tried group coaching before and it was just a bunch of people on the screen with a main guy talking to us for an hour. Boring. I wanted substance. I was referred to the Men On Purpose Podcast and then inquired about coaching. My budget could take on the one on one so I decided to go with the mastermind group coaching. Wow that was really great

My biggest concern was who are the people I am going to be with in this group coaching. Definitely met some losers as Ian calls them, information addicts in groups before. But this time was different, the MOP group mastermind was seriously vetted and the coaches dont play around with people showing up. Met some amazing people and friends for life.


Just graduated the MOP Mastermind and wish he had a lifetime membership option. I dont want to leave these incredible people and the support I got. I keep signing up again and again.

I have always put others before myself. That was my job as a provider. What I learned in the Mastermind was that I had to put myself first in order to be the best husband and dad I could be. I am so grateful for MOP for teaching me that I was important and mattered beyond my job or the money I provide.

You Will Get Structure, Support and Sustainability to BE, DO & HAVE it all:

Eliminate Self Sabotage/Get Out of Your Own Way

Find & Align with Your True Purpose

Clarity & Alignment with Your Life & Biz Goals

Strong, Sustainable Marriage & Relationships

Live a Regret-Free Life

Realize Your Fullest Potential

Be a Purposeful Father & Model for Your Kids

Confident Self Image

Empowered Self Love/Care/Trust

Increased Energy & Vitality

Manifestation of More Money & Success

Improved & Effective Communication

Overwhelming Joy & Fulfillment

Eliminate Past Resentment & Regret

Heal Past Trauma

Courageous Self-Advocating

Inner peace: UnderstandYour Emotions & Feelings

Rediscover a Passion and Zest for Life

Break Free from Self-imposed Limitations

Live with Courage, Confidence and Clarity

Effective and Powerful Leadership

Limitless Abundance of Options & Opportunities

Break Free From Addiction (Let go of the need for coping mechanisms)

Clear Vision & More Fulfilment from Your Career/Business

Serve Powerfully (Serve & Give back to your community and those less fortunate)

Unwavering Decisiveness (Make decisions quickly, confidently & easily)

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